Balticada is an independent research unit. In our practice we combine academic, journalistic and artistic know-how to explore and analyse socio-political developments in the post-soviet sphere.

We create tools for inquiry to work with fuzzy edges, where paradigmatic knowledge can no longer adjust to the political reality. By producing practical goods & knowledge as opposed to commodities, we strive to pave a way for a new kind of cognitive encounter and understanding. Our research, educational activities, and support are focused on issues of post-authoritarian transformation: memory, borderlands, demilitarization, and migration.

The title Balticada combines the Baltics, a region without clear borders, with fast, but relaxing percussive style Batucada. The collocation symbolizes humanity’s habitude to outline uncharted intellectual territories according to familiar rhythms. Our activities are defined by the critical approach towards such practice, when preconceived framework, we believe, generate unpredictable results on it’s own.