I am a freelance journalist and researcher interested in international border regimes, media regulation, and social politics with the background in political science and communication. During the past ten years, I worked in the field of science communication and took part in cross-disciplinary media and research projects including Cafebabel.co.uk, City Re:Searchers, and zooetics.net.

I have covered the Baltic States, Belarus, and Russia for transnational media outlets: mediapart.fr, euronews.com, neweasterneurope.com, ZDF, Danish Radio, France Televisions, Channel News Asia, Sky News Arabia and worked with production companies producing documentaries for BBC, Discovery Channel, and others.

As a part of City Researchers team together with Viktorija Rusinaitė we created location based games as a way to talk with people about their memories and associations. In 2016, we organised the first Congress on Public Spaces in Vilnius.

In 2017, I founded the journalism and research agency fixers.press and was awarded the Philipe Chaffanjon Prize for the best multimedia report in France. Since 2018, I am the Baltic States Correspondent for Reporters without Borders. Since 2020, I am an independent media literacy expert working on IREX Learn to Discern citizen training curriculum.


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• MA in Political Science, Central European University, 2006

• BA in Political Science, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, 2004

Fellowships & Scholarships

Prix Philippe Chaffanjon for the best 2017 multimedia story in France, 2018

• Cross-Borders Journalism grant from www.journalismfund.eu, 2016

• US Embassy grant for the International Congress of Public Spaces www.co-ops.lt, 2015

• European Commission Golden Star for Active citizenship in the field of Civil society with team cafebabel.com, 2008

Selected publications

• Mohammed, Hamdi; Osman, Mohamed; Skorwid, Gil. 2020 "The Story | Suicide Every 40 seconds?”. Sky News Arabia

• Skorwid, Gil; Alksninytė, Urtė. 2020 "Liettua on vastuussa kuljettajien hyväksikäytöstä”. Raskassarja

• Bock, Christian; Skorwid, Gil; Zimmermann, Beate. 2020. Sklaven der Straße Lohndumping in der Logistikbranche - Film von Christian Bock. ZDFzoom

• Skorwid, Gil. 2019 "Covering up cross-border co-operation between Lithuania and Kaliningrad”. New Eastern Europe

• Skorwid, Gil. 2019. On the frontline of the Estonia-Latvia booze tax war. Euronews.com

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