Invisible Battleground

Ongoing research project dedicated to the effects of security thinking on everyday live in and around Kaliningrad. It involves media researchers, activists, and journalists covering the Eastern Baltic region and is intended to strengthen critical approach towards border - through revealing effects of militarisation, geopolitical rivalling and fear politics on everyday life and social culture.


Long-form multimedia report "The Sounds of War in the Heart of Europe” - by freelance journalists Prune Antoine, Gil Skorwid, photographer Jan Zappner published on in 2016. Read and watch the report here. The investigation was funded with’s European Cross-border grant. In 2017 the report received the French public broadcaster "France Radio" award Prix Philippe Chaffanjon.

TV reportage "Frenemies: Lithuania and Kaliningrad” by freelance journalists Gil Skorwid, Marielle Vitureau, and France 3 TV show "Avenue de l'Europe, le mag" journalists Frédérique Maillard-Laudisca and Denis Bassompierre published in 2017. Watch the reportage here.

Video report "Kaliningrad: Russia Starts Here” by freelance journalist Gil Skorwid and journalists Raphaël Badache and Thomas Porlon published on Paris based in 2018. Watch the report here.

Investigative report "Covering up Cross-border Co-operation Between Lithuania and Kaliningrad” by freelance journalist Gil Skorwid published on print magazine "New Eastern Europe" September-October No 5 / 2019. Read the report here.

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