Journalists' Access to Information and Sustainable Journalism in the Baltics

A call to support the Policy study financially - Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn September 30, 2021

The Baltic states are entering the fourth decade of independence. While authoritarianism is slowly coming back to Central and Eastern Europe, it is only up to us whether we give up the freedoms we gained with independence or continue to work hard and evolve democratically.

We believe that the quality journalism should be at the heart of such hard work. And that is why we devised the research study that we think is crucial for the further growth of journalism in the Baltics. The study that we provisionally call “Journalists’ Access to Information and Sustainable Journalism in the Baltics” centers around one of the most pressing issues in Baltic journalism, namely the limitations of access to public information. A detailed description of the study is available here.

Your support for the study is decisive and can instantly make a difference, help us hire better experts, or reach wider audiences. Initially, we are asking for financial contributions of €100, €1000, or €5.000 that can be transferred via the online payment service of your choice. However, choosing the size of the donation is, of course, up to you. Small contributions count too, so click the "Donate" button below and follow the instructions.


The recipient for the donation is the non-governmental organisation Balticada Investigations Studio (RC:300645395) registered in Lithuania. And here are some other ways you can make a donation:

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We will accept the donations only if the fundraising effort results in a viable budget. In case the goal is not reached, all contributions will be returned. If the donation is rather to be made within Estonian or Latvian taxation systems, we can accepted them through one of the national journalists' associations.